Alex / Anne Hays.
Brooklyn, NY : The author, 2011-
volumes : illustrations ; 14-22 cm
This typewritten, cut and paste compilation zine by Anne Hays explores gender identity , androgyny, sexuality, and defining self. In issue one contributors share about gender identity and gynecology, growing up with gender-conscious parents, the path to understanding personal gender presentation, and defining and claiming feminism. Issue two contains contributors' anecdotes about bras, breasts, puberty, and coming of age. Issue three is written exclusively by Anne who opens up the dialogue to include topics outside of gender. She discusses family, drinking, coming out to her family the summer after her first year at a women's college, and memories of her sophomore year in college. In issue four, Anne shares light-hearted memories about her family and explores gender ambiguity via a bike accident that she was in. She shares about the process of severing her relationship with alcohol and how it's helped her deal with stress, memory, headaches, etc. in a much healthier way. She includes quotes and images throughout the zine as well as an excerpt from Frederic Wertham on fanzines. In Issue 5, Anne talks about her improved writing skills and retrieved comfort with and freedom in writing since making zines. She shares stories about witnessing strange situations unique to New York City, telling her mother about her trouble with alcohol, and the ways that she deals with anxiety. Issue 6 is called the "genderqueer issue." Anne shares her experiences with terms related to gender, the role that gender has played in past relationships, understanding her own masculinity or butchness, and challenging codes of expression. Throughout this issue she works through memories, her current feelings, and feelings from the past.
secrets / a. hays
making mischief / ace falcor
patio homo / james shultis
the true story of mrs mouse / may pin
the trouble of gynecology / a. hays
cut off / j. jarvis
the penis book / a. hays
phenotype / j.c.
the gender i.d. project / a. hays
Gift of the author, donated in 2013.
No. 6 subtitled "genderqueer" or "the genderqueer issue."
Journal Journal/Periodical
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November 1, 2013
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