International queer art & activism zine #8 : The Netherlands

International queer art & activism zine #8 : The Netherlands / by Miyuki Baker.
[Philadelphia, PA]: Queer scribe productions 2013
[42] p. : illustrations ; 22 cm
Subjects (Genre)
Map of Amsterdam
Amsterdam in photos / MB
Zsa Zsa zine library
Zines to read!
Gay and school NL
Drift festival
Anal pride poster
Thoughts on throwing a queer party
Photography / Daan Stringer
DIY drag king / Pee Bucket and Piss Stanley
Visible faces (photo exhibit at Oba)
Assignment / Photo and text by Nora Uitterlinden
Five books you should read / Recommended by Nora
Postcards and magazines
The last squat in Amsterdam
Queeristan! Posters, descriptions, video
Growing up with two moms: a conversation with Ilja Hermans
Queer photos
Visting Utrechts, Savannah Bay and beyond
ex squatted island/colony
Queer links
Thanks for reading
In Issue 8 of this queer travel zine, Baker explores LGBTO spaces in The Netherlands. She documents her time in Amsterdam and Utrecht with maps, photos, essays, and artist profiles. She includes an description of the Zsa Zsa comic and zine library in Amsterdam and recommends some of its zine holdings. She promotes a website called, which is devoted to collecting and teaching material aimed at increasing the social security of LGBTQ staff and students. Baker writes about a number of queer festivals, squats, parties, etc. There is also artwork and photography from artists such as, Daan Stringer and Nora Uitterlinden as well as links to queer resources specific to The Netherlands.
Downloaded from the internet via Issuu in 2013.
Title from cover and alternate titles from later items in the series.
English; Dutch
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February 15, 2014
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