Hoax no. 5, Feminisms and community

Hoax no. 5, Feminisms and community / edited by Rachel and Sari.
[Flemington, NJ] : the editors, 2011
65 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Hoax is a compilation zine created by Sari and Rachel that discusses feminism "in relation to different aspects of day-to-day life." Issue 5 features essays on feminism and communities. Contributors write about safer spaces, queer communities in rural areas, trans* feminism, Amish community, social work, the Chainsaw Records message boards, and labor unions.
Core requirements for a "safer space" / by Rachel
What my feminist agenda looks like / by Lena Chen
Interview with Stina on queer land movements / by Kate êA
Notes from a trans*feminist / by Sari
Untitled / by Kira Swales
Mother ourselves (the manifesta!) / by Alexis Pauline Gumbs
A brief foray into "women's space" / by Jenna B. & Foster G.
An intersectional feminist library short-list / by Allison McCarthy
"Girl on girl crime" and the need for unity amongst women / by Emma Dacol
Legacy of suicide / by Sari
Crowning the May queen / by Bonnie Macallister
Little sisters / by Tracy Ostman
Radical discourses: environmental consciousness and policy / by Allison Rich
Baby steps / by Arwyn
I heart feminists: Benedita da Silva, John Stewart Mill, and Judith Butler
A short introduction to the Amish community / by Sari
Quick reflection of a soon-to-be community organizer / by Rachel
Food co-ops / by Maggie Siegle-Berele
Saved by rock and roll: from queer alienation to radicalization through musical subculture and beyond / by Haley
My feminist (r)evolutions / by Rachel
On collectives / by Kate Burch
Hoax as a collaborative effort: reflections on the co-editing process / by Sari and Rachel
Healing: a reinvestigation of sexual assault / by Sari
Unsung feminist hero: labor unions / by Rachel
This is a thank you song: reflections on the International Girl Gang Underground zine release party / by Kate Wadkins
Vegan recipe time!: potato and soyrizo burritos / by Hasan
Bo's story and Hoax #5 proceeds
SlutWalk D.C.
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