Not My Small Diary #17 : Stories from High School

Not My Small Diary #17 : Stories from High School / edited by Delaine Derry Green.
Trussville, AL : the editor, 2012.
131 p. ; illustrations 22 cm comics
Subjects (Genre)
This zine is a compilation of autobiographical minicomics by artists of varied ages and nationalities. The theme for issue 17 is "Stories from High School."
Cover art by Jess Smart Smiley.
Contributors: T. Edward Bak, Donna Barr, Suzanne Baumann, Cara Bean, Aaron Brassea, Box Brown, James Burns, Buzz Buzzizyk, Mark Campos, Ric Carrasquillo, Max Clotfelter, Bren Collins, Peter Conrad, Brad Dale, Chris Davis, Joe Decie, Michael Diebert/James Selby, G. Fling, Brad Foster, Kelly Froh, Andrew Goldfarb, Maria Goodman, Lee J. Green, Roberta Gregory, John Isaacson, Robyn Jordan, Dave Kiersh, Michael Kraiger, Missy Kulik, Patty Leidy, Simon Mackie, MariNaomi, Graeme McNee, Carrie McNinch, Simon Moreton, T. Motley, Dan Moynihan, Misun Oh, Adam Pasion, John Porcellino, Liz Prince, Jordan Shiveley, Jim Siergey, Jerry Sims, Lizzee Solomon, Sam Spina, Maximum Traffic, Tom Van Deusen, Kevin Van Hyning, Pete Wentzell, M. Young Weflen, Julia Wertz, Shannon Wheeler, Chad Woody.
Cover title.
Acquired via a trade with the editor in 2013.
Perfect bound.
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March 15, 2014
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