Xtra tuf. No. 6, The greenhorn issue

Xtra tuf. No. 6, The greenhorn issue. / edited by Moe Bowstern ; illustrations by Jess.
[Portland, OR] : Moe Bowstern, c2010.
160 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
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Introduction / Moe Bowstern
Longliner vocabulary / Nancy Cook
If your child / Christa Brandenburg
Good crew / Moe Bowstern
Once upon a greenhorn / Joanna Fynn Reichhold
The things you need / Toby Sullivan
Greenhorn interview / with Jack O'Neil
Whole in the net / Susan Mulvaney
Things that will be difficult / Moe Bowstern
14th birthday / Erin Fristad
Ben's letter / Ben Jaynes
Radar test / Moe Bowstern
The boots I still wear / Toby Sullivan
Dirty Dan / Bob Quaccia
The f/v forepeak / Moe Bowstern
Fish fever / Kat Audley
Summer fishing / Zach Devine
Corva Mae / John van Amerongen
Deckhands I've known / Pat Densmore
F/v questionaire / Joanna Fynn Reichhold
Job interview / Moe Bowstern
Yukon / Shary Boyle
Postcard / David
Queen of all the inland waters (from Gor Point to Castle Cape) / Deb Nielsen
Attu Island / Toby Sullivan
To do list / Bevan Clark
The connection / Pat Dixon
Johnny's Song / Johnny Norris
The robot longliners / Johnny Norris
Prop wash / Moe Bowstern
How to tell a good one / Jon Broderick
A drop in the bucket / Moe Bowstern
Boarded! / June Pemberton
Dark eyes / Jon Broderick
My crew from Harvard / Pat Densmore
No pity / Aili Farquhar
Poem for my Dodge / Rebecca Brewer
Greenhorn / Garth Porteur
Not so greenhorn / Jon Campbell
Book review: wind, waves, and a suicidal boat / Chris Andrews
We'll fly away / Toby Sullivan
Sea cooks / Harrison "Smitty" Smith
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Compilation of essays, poems, and artwork related to commercial fishing.
Includes a glossary.
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March 15, 2014
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