Functionally ill : adventures with mental health

Functionally ill : adventures with mental health / Laura-Marie.
Sacramento, CA : The author, [2007]-
v. ; ill., 22 cm.
Functionally Ill is Laura-Marie's perzine on mental illness and economic instability.
Laura Marie, a mixed-race woman with psychological disorders and no health insurance, writes about her romantic relationships, manic and depressive states, and navigating the public medical system in California. Over the years her diagnosis changes from bipolar disorder to schizoaffective disorder. Issues 13 and 14 include interviews and conversations with friends and her boyfriend about various conditions such as schizophrenia, the desire to self-harm, Narcolepsy, and OCD. The author is involved in the Icarus Project, a radical organization that seeks to change the way people approach "madness" and mental disorders. In later issues the author begins the process of applying for disability-based social security benefits and Medicaid. Most issues are stab bound.
Subjects (Genre)
Some issues have distinct subtitles and are cataloged separately.
No. 8 subtitled, "crazy, not stupid."
All examined issues are stab bound.
No. 3, 6-10, 12-17 purchased from the author in 2014.
Cover of no. 6 by Niku Arbabi.
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May 13, 2014
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