Rethinking modernity and national identity in Turkey

Rethinking modernity and national identity in Turkey / edited by Sibel Bozdoğan and Reşat Kasaba.
Seattle : University of Washington Press, c1997.
xi, 270 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
1. Introduction / Sibel Bozdogan and Resat Kasaba
2. Kemalist Certainties and Modern Ambiguities / Resat Kasaba
3. Whither the Project of Modernity? Turkey in the 1990s / Caglar Keyder
4. Modernization Policies and Islamist Politics in Turkey / Haldun Gulalp
5. Projects as Methodology: Some Thoughts on Modern Turkish Social Science / Serif Mardin
6. The Quest for the Islamic Self within the Context of Modernity / Nilufer Gole
7. The Project of Modernity and Women in Turkey / Yesim Arat
8. Gendering the Modern: On Missing Dimensions in the Study of Turkish Modernity / Deniz Kandiyoti
9. The Predicament of Modernism in Turkish Architectural Culture: An Overview / Sibel Bozdogan
10. Once There Was, Once There Wasn't: National Monuments and Interpersonal Exchange / Michael E. Meeker
11. Silent Interruptions: Urban Encounters with Rural Turkey / Gulsum Baydar Nalbantoglu
12. Arabesk Culture: A Case of Modernization and Popular Identity / Meral Ozbek
13. The Turkish Option in Comparative Perspective / Ernest Gellner
14. Modernizing Projects in Middle Eastern Perspective / Roger Owen
15. Finding the Meeting Ground of Fact and Fiction: Some Reflections on Turkish Modernization / Joel S. Migdal.
The essays in this book are the first attempt to examine the Turkish experiment with modernity from a broad, interdisciplinary perspective, encompassing the fields of history, the social sciences, the humanities, architecture, and urban planning. The contributors offer a fresh, balanced understanding of dilemmas now facing not only Turkey but also many other parts of the Middle East and the world at large.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
0295975970 (alk. paper)
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