Greene & Greene architectural drawings, papers and photographs

Greene & Greene architectural drawings, papers and photographs, circa 1896-1931
circa 4,500 drawings.
Architectural firm. The firm was a partnership between Charles Sumner Greene (1868-1957) and Henry Mathers Greene (1870-1954) that lasted from 1893 to 1922, after which the two worked separately. The Greenes were active in Southern California and were part of the international Arts and Crafts movement.
The collection includes architectural drawings for approximately 120 projects, with related notes, correspondence, and specifications for designs located primarily in Southern California, particularly Pasadena, including the Earle C. Anthony house, Los Angeles, 1909, and additions, 1913, 1917; the R. R. Blacker house, Oak Knoll, California, 1907-1909, and additions; work for the Culbertson family of Pasadena, specifically additions to the grounds of the Cordelia A. Culbertson house, 1914-1915, and additions for her to the William T. Bolton house, 1918, 1926, and the James A. Culbertson house, 1902, and garage, 1906, and later additions, 1907, 1910; the Herbert Fleishhacker house in San Francisco, outbuildings, 1911, and alterations, 1915; the Freeman A. Ford house, Pasadena, 1907-1909; the David B. Gamble house, Pasadena, California, 1913; the Sidney D. Gamble house, Escondido, California; and the Robert Pitcairn, Jr. house, Pasadena, 1906. Specifications for some projects are also included in this collection. Lastly, photographs of many of these buildings are catalogued separately in CLIO.
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Greene & Greene architectural drawings, papers and photographs. Dept. of Drawings & Archives, Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University.
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