Barnard College Library records, 1905-2000

Barnard College Library records, 1905-2000.
18.75 linear ft. (32 boxes).
The Ella Weed Library, Barnard's first, was located in Milbank Hall. In 1905, Bertha L. Rockwell was named as the first librarian. In 1917, the library was moved to the newly constructed Students Hall. Funds were raised in the late 1950's for he building of Lehman Hall which houses the Wollman Library.
Arranged chronologically.
Librarians' annual reports (1905-1968); departmental annual reports (1959/60-1985/86) including: Aquisitions (1962/63-1980/81; called Ordering, pre-1974), Reference (1960/61-1979/80); Archives and Technical Services (1969/70-1985/86), Circulation (1960/61-1974/75), Third Floor (1959/60-1983/84); and surveys (1950,1951,1979); handbooks (1935, ca. 1940, 1956,1962,1964); library accessions books (ca. 1900-1930s); reserve lists (1971-2000); minutes of the faculty library committee (1968-1976); bookplates (1922-1948) and the copper engraved printing plates used to create them; staff classifications (1949-1969); records of District 65 union organizing drive (1972-1973); grants (1978-1992/93); budgets (1914/15-1978/79, 1984/85-1989/90); exhibits (1959,1961,1969); architectural rendering of Lehman Hall . Also a collection of reference CD-Rom's (1980's-1990's).
Access to material dated 50 years or less prior to current date is restricted.
Photocopies and other reproductions may be purchased at cost.
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Barnard College Library Records, 1905-2000.
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