Millicent Cary McIntosh papers, 1947-1979

Millicent Cary McIntosh papers, 1947-1979
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Millicent Carey McIntosh was Dean of Barnard from 1947-1952. The title was changed to President in that year and she served as President from 1952-1962. Prior to that she was head of The Brearley School from 1930-1947. Her years at Barnard were a period of growth including the construction of Lehman Library and Reid Hall. In 1969 the new student center was named after her. She graduated from Bryn Mawr College and earned her Ph.D. in English from Johns Hopkins University.
Correspondence and memoranda, ca. 1948-1979, to Barnard College faculty, students, and alumnae; Barnard College presidents and Acting Presidents Henry A. Boorse, Rosemary Park, Martha Peterson, LeRoy C. Breunig, and Jacquelyn Mattfeld; Columbia University Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Grayson Kirk; and others. Also, typescript and printed addresses, 1947-1965; printed articles with related correspondence, 1949-1963; correspondence, memoranda, and schedules, 1950s, relating to McIntosh's participation in the HORIZONS television series, produced jointly by Columbia University and NBC; and correspondence, 1961-1962, relating to McIntosh's retirement.
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Millicent Carey McIntosh Papers, 1947-1979, Barnard College Archives.
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