Collection on economics and econometrics

Collection on economics and econometrics, [ca. 1900]-1940.
48 boxes.
Professor of Political Economy at Columbia University, 1902-1929.
Manuscripts, notebooks, typescripts, and correspondence of Moore, dealing largely with general economic theory, econometrics, and sociology. Included in the collection are the manuscripts of his published works, among them ECONOMIC CYCLES (New York, 1914), GENERATING ECONOMIC CYCLES (New York, 1923), and SYNTHETIC ECONOMICS (New York, 1929), as well as those of unpublished studies, "The Good Life in a Progressive Democracy" and "Morals of Mediocrity." The notebooks include essays and miscellaneous notes of Vilfredo Pareto, Ernest Renan, Marcus Aurelius, and other sociologists and philosophers. The correspondence includes letters from prominent economists such as John Bates Clark, Antoine Augustin Cournot, F.Y. Edgeworth, Edwin R.A. Seligman, Alfred Marshall, Frank Taussig, and Léon Walras. Accompanying the collection is Prof. Moore's library of books, pamphlets, and journals, many of them annotated, bearing upon all phases of economics. Also, two boxes of textbooks from Moore's library, used by him when he was a student.
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