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Doris / Cindy Crabb.
1991- ; Berkeley, CA : Cindy Ovenrack
Asheville, NC : Cindy Ovenrack, [1991]-2008
Athens, OH : Cindy Crabb, 2008-
v. : ill. ; 11-22 cm.
This typed and handwritten zine, by anarchist squatter and punk Cindy Ovenrack (a.k.a. Cindy Crabb), includes recipes, stick figure comics, and stories about activist friends and movements, living in punk houses, political issues and abortion rights including the "Jane" movement of the 1960s, death of family members, mobile homes, and her dog. Issues 1-4 are about high school, sex, scary crushes on girls, family, likes and distributing her zine to strangers. Issue 6 was written in the San Francisco Bay Area about her childhood and includes a "dear you" letter. In issue 9, she writes about hitchhiking through the Canadian Yukon after encountering some problems entering the country. She also travels to Alaska. Issue 27 of Doris finishes up the author's U-Z section of Cindy's encyclopedia. The zine addresses the Cindy's feelings about moving to Portland for college, finding herself through body acceptance and Food Not Bombs, and the idea of getting old in the punk movement. She also writes about a week-long concert tour that her band, the Snarlas, went on. In issue 29, now 40, Cindy writes about taking Feminism 101, coming out as queer, owning miniature horses, and volunteering at a rock 'n roll camp for girls. In issue 30, Cindy writes about Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution training, Judy Chicago, beekeeping, going on tour with a band, study groups, being raped and reprints a Maximum Rocknroll interview with Support NY, a sexual abuse survivor group (trigger warning). The author of Doris also runs the zine distro Riot Grrr at
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No. 10, no. 13 gift of Sara Jaffe, donated in 2008.
No. 10 gift of Chris Baty, donated in 2011.
No. 11, gift of the Quatrefoil Library, donated in 2008.
No. 11 & 13 gift of Keight Bergmann, donated in 2012.
Many issues donated by or purchased from the author in the year they were published.
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