Caroline King Duer papers 1915-1952

Caroline King Duer papers 1915-1952.
2.5 linear ft. (3 boxes). (4 scrapbooks).
Caroline King Duer was born in New York City and educated at Bishop Doane's School in Albany, N.Y. She was the daughter of Elizabeth Wilson (Meads) Duer and James Gore King. Alice Duer Miller was her sister. Caroline Duer Miller was an author of short stories, poems, plays and essays. With Alice Duer Miller, she co-authored a "Book of Verses" which ran through two editions. During World War I, she traveled to France in 1915, where she volunteered with the hospital at Ris Oragis, a village between Paris and Fontainbleau and then in Paris at the American Fund for French Wounded. She came back to the U.S.A. in 1916 and returned to France in 1917 accompanying the unit of the American Committee for Devastated France in Blerancourt. Later she was in Soissons when the Germans forced the evacuation of the village. She wrote extensively of her experiences during that period.
Autobiographical narratives, correspondence, manuscripts and scrapbooks related to Duer's volunteer work in France during World War I and her literary career including a transcript of her "Reminiscences" for the Columbia Oral History Project. Scrapbooks contain clippings of her published short stories, poetry and essays.
Photocopies and other reproductions may be purchased at cost.
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Caroline King Duer Papers, 1915-1952, Barnard College Archives.
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