Barnard Club of the City of New York records 1907-1975

Barnard Club of the City of New York records 1907-1975.
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The Barnard Club of the City of New York was organized in the early1890's and chartered in May,1894. A social and literary club for women and men, its original mission also included contributing to the Scholarship Fund of Barnard College, in the years of its founding. Its original home was the Spence School, 6 E. 48th St. , close to the original site of Barnard College. Soon after, it moved to Carnegie Hall. In 1926 it moved to the Excelsior Savings Bank Building at 221 W. 57th St. In 1947, it began an arrangement with the Barnard College Club of New York, sharing its rooms at the Barbizon Hotel. This lasted until 1974 when it moved to the York Club, 4 E. 62nd St. Its last know address, in the 1990's, was 24 E. 39th. After its initial fund-raising efforts for Barnard College, the Club had no real connection with the school.
Newspaper clippings and a manuscript history of the Barnard Club of New York, 1894-1975, written by Roland F. Pease.
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Barnard Club of New York Records, 1907-1975, Barnard College Archives.
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