BOSS/BOBW records 1969-2005

BOSS/BOBW records 1969-2005.
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In October, 1968, African-American women at Barnard formed the Barnard Organization of Soul Sisters (BOSS) in order to address issues of discrimination in housing, faculty hires and to advocate for an inter-departmental major related to African-American studies. Lemoine Callendar, Assistant to the Dean of Faculty and Director of Human Resources was their liason with the administration. In 1969, the group was granted a meeting space in Reid Hall, renamed the Zora Neal Hurston Lounge in 1982. An Africa and African Disaspora major was established. The name of the organization has changed over the years. In Fall, 1975 it changed to Barnard Organization of Black Women (BOBW). In 1995, a decision was made to change its name to Black Sisters of Barnard and Columbia (BSBC). The current name, Black Organization of Soul Sisters (BOSS) was chosen in 2002 in honor of the original organization. The group maintains the Zora Neale Hurston Lounge and continues to sponsor Celebration of Black Womanhood events, reunion dinners and welcome teas for women of color.
Constitutions, mission statesments, correspondence, lists, fliers, and clippings related to the founding of the organization and its activities.
Access to material dated 50 years or less prior to current date is restricted.
Photocopies and other reproductions may be purchased at cost.
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