That girl

That girl / Kelli Callis.
Los Angeles, CA : the author, 1992-
Issues Published
Began in the 1992.
v. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Kelli Williams (who uses Kelli Callis as a stage name), a California punk and college student who suffers from anxiety and depression and moves back and forth between San Francisco and Los Angeles, discusses living in punk houses, drumming in bands, and temp jobs. She also writes about crushes, her body image, her dislike of the indie and punk scenes, her dissociation from the riot grrrl movement, taking drugs, and her travels. Issue 9 is a split issue with Libby of Limousine. Issue 12 was published after more than a decade of hiatus and shares Kelli's experiences traveling around India for work and leisure. Most of the issues include crafty collages, personal photographs, and clip art.
Subjects (Genre)
ISSUE 10 ;
Love poetry
Coast starlight
The secret decoded message
The new girlfriend
A certain homecoming
Johnny Feelgood
The ladybug transistor centerfold
My day with Sally
Motherly advice
Sister I'm a poet
Explore America
An email exchange
Target practice
My new tattoo.
Other Titles
That grrrl
That girrl
Nos. 4-6, 9 gift of Chris Baty, donated in 2012.
Nos. 7, 8 and 11 a gift of Lauren Jade Martin in 2005.
No. 9 is a split zine with Limousine, no. 5 by Libby Lampert.
Journal Journal/Periodical
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