Your pretty face is going straight to hell!

Your pretty face is going straight to hell! / Miss Tukru
Chatham, Kent, England : the author, 2007-
v. : ill. ; 14 cm.
Tukru hand and typewrites this perzine about living in England with her boyfriend, Carl. In issue 2, the 26-year-old describes her seven-month-long job hunt, her frustration with the job she does land at a fast food restaurant, and flying home to Finland for her grandmother's funeral. There are also short stories, photographs and collages, Hello Kitty clip art, recipes, zine reviews, and list of things she likes. In issue 7, she visits home in Finland and writes about airports, catching up with her family, and things that she misses about Finland. She also includes a rhubarb curd tart recipe. Issue 12 relays Tukru's fracturing of her wrist at roller derby practice and the recovery process that follows. She deals with an unsympathetic boss, the waiting game at hospitals, and restlessness. She also discusses Buffy the Vampire Slayer and My So-Called Life. Issue 16 has a list of things Tukru wants to do before her 30th birthday, discusses riot grrrl in Finland, roller skating and letter writing. In issue 18, Tukru reports on organizing a zine workshop, her birthday party, a Bis concert, and getting an STI test. She also recommends zines and rum and shares her soundtrack.
Subjects (Genre)
No. 2 purchased from Stranger Danger Distro in 2008.
No. 7 gift of Celia Perez, donated in 2012.
No. 12 purchased from Portland Button Works in 2012.
No. 16 & 18 purchased from Portland Button Works in 2013.
Journal Journal/Periodical
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