Shotgun seamstress fanzine

Shotgun seamstress fanzine / Osa Atoe.
Alexandria, VA : the author, 2006-
Portland, OR : 2007-
New Orleans, LA : 2011.
v. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Subjects (Genre)
Shotgun Seamstress discusses the difficulties of being a black person within dominantly white punk and queer scenes. The author and contributors give anecdotes about their experiences at punk concerts. Osa interviews local punk artists of color, and provides excerpts of her own writing about racism. The zine incorporates images and sparse typewritten sections for a dynamic effect on each of the pages. Multiple issues have been produced, each focusing on a different aspect of black punk culture (e.g. Toni Young, James Spooner, Aye Nako, Xray Spex, Kicktease, Afro-Punk, tattoos, money) and how people of color interact with popular culture. Issue 6.5, is an add-on to Shotgun Seamstress. This interview zine asks a set of questions to first-generation Nigerian-American punks. They talk about how Nigerian music and identity are different than African-American music and identity and how seeing Third World poverty on trips home frames their perspective on class debates. The author responds to the questions herself, as well.
Interview with James Spooner
Letter to Vaginal Creme Davis
Folk/punk : the art of Adee Roberson
Kalup Linzy
Silence = death : video performance artist Jacob Gardens
Madivinez / by Lenelle Moise
I'm obsessed with ESG
Q & A with Marily of Aye Nako
This is a public hair announcement! / [by Kisha Hope]
Interview : DJ Soul Sister
Interview : Kicktease
Death is nothing to be afraid of
Record reviews
Zine reviews
Description based on: no. 3, published in 2009; title from cover.
"A zine by and for black punks."
No. 1 subtitled "R.I.P. Toni Young."
No. 2 subtitled "Everybody say love."
No. 3 subtitled "Money is fake."
No. 4 subtitled "Sister outsider art."
No. 6.5 subtitled "Naija punx: 4 interviews with Nigerian-American punk rockers."
Nos. 4 and 5 purchased from the author at the Beyond Meet Me at the Race Riot tour in 2012. No.6 purchased from Riot Grrr zine distro in 2012. No. 6.5 purchased at the NYC Feminist Zine Fest at Barnard College in 2014.
Journal Journal/Periodical
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