Neckmonster / Cheyenne
Louisville, KY : The author, 2001-
Bowling green, KY [2004?]-
v. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Jessicah Hohman is a medic and a straightedge vegan punk living in Kentucky, who was a college student at the time issue 2 was published. She shares her experiences at shows and having friends sleep on her couch, on road trips, riding in Critical Mass, participating in Food Not Bombs, her interest in photography. She also discusses dealing with the death of an acquaintance when she was a teenager, driving 22 hours to see the last Orchid show, and interviewing for a scholarship to a Japanese photography program. Jessicah provides her AIM and LiveJournal usernames. Issue 5 is about her politics and her concept of home and is split with Will, who writes poetry. Issue 6 details her road trip to the Plan-It-X punk show in Bloomington, IN. The zines have handwritten elements, stamp prints, media recommendations, web reprints, and photographs.
Subjects (Genre)
No. 2 gift of Sean Stewart, donated in 2010.
No. 5-6 purchased at the NYC Feminist Zine Fest held at Barnard College in 2014.
No. 5 split with Self-destructor #6 by Will.
Journal Journal/Periodical
Acquired On
June 16, 2014
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