The escapist artist

The escapist artist / Jolie Nunez-Noggle.
Union City, IN. : the author, 2012-
v. : ill. ; 14-22 cm.
Subjects (Genre)
Jolie Noggle shares reprints of her high school journals and writes about memories of that time. She writes about her childhood in issue 1 and includes drawing from elementary school. Issues 2-4 focus on middle and high school, where she wrote about coping with Kurt Cobain's death, her panic attacks, dropping out of high school, and bi-curious feelings. She goes into details about her first boyfriends, teenage sexual experiences, marijuana, alcohol, and her discovery of riot grrrl in 1995. Issue 5 is described as an intermission zine; Jolie takes a break from sharing excerpts from journals to explain her reasoning for doing the zine and what it means to her. In issue 6, Jolie share copies of her journals from 1996 coupled with re-caps of events that she didn't include in her journals. She writes about riot grrrl, her changing relationship with friends, quitting high school, getting her GED, working at McDonald's, and working on a spoken word tape. In Issue 7, Jolie shares about her obsession with comedy and the experience of seeing some of her favorite comedians perform live. She talks about her trip to Nashville to see Louis C.K. perform, and getting a tattoo of his face. She talks primarily about meeting her favorite comedian, Dave Attell twice, showing him her tattoo of his face, and some of her goals moving forward. The zine is old-school cut and paste with illustrations, clip art, photographs and some handwriting. In later issues, Jolie moves away from her high school journals and reflects more on her escapism and coping mechanisms. Issue 14 features interviews with people Jolie admires: zinester Nyky Gomez and comedian Mr. DJ Dangler.
Purchased from the author in 2012 and 2013.
No. 9 subtitled "The Sad Clown" issue.
No. 10 subtitled "{anxiety.}"
No. 11 is split with Pieces and cataloged separately.
No. 14 subtitled "The Interview Issue."
Journal/Periodical Journal/Periodical
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February 1, 2013
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