Riot grrrl press catalogue

Riot grrrl press catalogue / by May-n-Erika (Marika).
Arlington, Virg. : the editors, [1993?]-
Chicago, Ill. : [1995?]-
Olympia, Wash. ; the editors, 1997-
Portland, OR, 1998-
Arlington, VA, 1999-
v. : ill. ; 14 cm.
Subjects (Genre)
This typewritten (and later, typed) zine lists punk and feminist zines and films that were available for order from Riot Grrrl Press in the 1990s. The copyright statement says, "share with anyone you can" and "unless you are a reporter in that case FUCK OFF RIGHT NOW okay?" and lists and “inclusion policy.” The Barnard Library copy includes a note to its original recipient. The early 1994 and 1997 issues list riot grrrl chapters in the U.S. and Canada. The 1998 issue contains information about how "Riot Girl Press has changed hands and location."
1993 issue gift of Jennifer Bleyer, donated in 2012.
"early 1994" (introduction written in 1995) gift of Kristie Miller, donated in 2014.
1997 issue gift of Keight Bergmann, donated in 2012.
1997, 1998, and 1999 issues gift of Cheryl Tapper, donated in 2014.
Heather Lynn appears to be the lead editor of the 1997 issue and Witknee Alien the 1998 issue.
1998 issue spelled "Riot Girl Press."
Journal/Periodical Journal/Periodical
Acquired On
December 23, 2014
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