Grace comics showcase

Grace comics showcase / by Elizabeth Merrick and Ariel Bordeaux
New York, NY : the authors, 2006.
37 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
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This zine was made to accompany the Grace Comics Showcase program speaker biographies, and additional essay. There are responses to the 2005 Art News Magazine article "Where are the Great Women Comic Book Artists?" Among them are interviews with Julie Doucet, and essays by Ariel Bordeaux, Heidi MacDonald, Trina Robbins, and Ariel Schrag. The editors also profile several great women comics artists.
Editorial / by Ariel Bordeaux
Program of Grace Comics Showcase events, New York City, fall 2006
Mothers of comics / by Heidi MacDonald
Here are the great women comic-book artists / by Trina Robbins
Why did Julie Doucet stop drawing comics?
Why have there been no great women comic book artists? / by written by Anne Elizabeth Moore, illustrated by Christa Donner
On the subject of being a lady cartoonist novelty act / with Lorna Miller, Trina Robbins, Jennifer Daydreamer and Carol Tyler
Slaughterhouse / by Ariel Schrag
32 more great cartoonists
The dawn of snowmonkeys / by Megan Whitmarsh
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Gift of Ayun Halliday, donated in 2013
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July 26, 2013
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