Mellow yellow

Mellow yellow / by Hannah Ho.
Wellington, N.Z. : the author, 2006-
v. : ill. ; 15 cm.
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This zine by Asian women and people of other genders is about personal experiences of racism and cultural appropriation in New Zealand (Aotearora) and in activist circles. In issue 1, queer westernized Malaysian woman Hannah Ho, writes about balancing her Asian heritage and identity with the privilege and internalized racism that she grew up with as a second generation immigrant in New Zealand. She writes about her family's impoverished history and language, settler colonialism against the Maori, and gender presentation. In issue 2, the three authors discuss intersectionality, personal histories of colonization, internalized racism, generational differences (especially between first generation New Zealand children and foreign-born parents), and Barbie dolls. There's also poetry by female Chinese poets. Issues 3 and 4 read right to left. In issue 3, contributors write personal essays about being Muslim, Chinese family history, a cat rescue in Guangzhou that saves the animals from being used for meat, East Asian masculinity, and body image in society. Issue 4 features interviews and essays about ageism in activism, colonialism, and Maori oppression in New Zealand.
Beginning with no. 2 co-edited by Bamboo.
No. 1-2 purchased from Project Bridget distro via Etsy in 2012.
No. 3-4 downloaded from the author's website in 2013.
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November 3, 2013
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