Xtra tuf no. 5 The strike issue

Xtra tuf no. 5 The strike issue / by Moe Bowstern.
Portland, OR : Microcosm Publishing, 2005.
Subjects (Genre)
Moe Brownstern writes about being a female fisherman and her work organizing fishing strikes against canneries who underpay the fishers. She provides personal accounts of strikes and accounts of fishermen who work in Kodiak. Moe writes about the socio-economic difficulties of organizing a strike for seasonal workers and her experiences with usually being one of very few women in the room at the National Seiners Association meetings. She also includes stories about dealing with scab workers, an interview with a deckhand, and book reviews. Additional elements are illustrations, poems and photographs.
Introduction: blah blah blah
Price negotiations: fisher poetry
In fish we trust: head scratching
Win, lose and draw: 1997...2002...2005 strikes!
Section one WIN
Fishing for the association: singalong
USA press release / by the 1997 media committee
Cannery row / original art by Virginia M.
Kodiak hangs tough: true life comic
USA claims victory: real live reporting
Resolve, unity and success: man on the street
A view from Larsen Bay: oral history
A view from Uganik Bay
Fish expo meeting report: advice from a corporate negotiator
Section two LOSE 2002 strike
What happened to the Price?
Lose: a tale of woe
USA press releases 2002: the cold, hard facts, day by day
Interview with USA's Erin Harrington
Section three DRAW
The light on Mission Road / a story by Toby Sullivan
A good strike: oral history
Cook Inlet stand down
Scabbing in Bristol Bay
Recipe corner
A visit to the library
Scotty Neish, union man: excerpt
The last troller's waltz
Knot workshop
Farmed salmon blues
Editor's corner / a word from Van Am
I'm nothing without you
From the archives
Gift of Keight Bergmann, donated in 2012.
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March 15, 2014
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