Mixed up! : A zine about mixed race queer & feminist experience

Mixed up! : A zine about mixed race queer & feminist experience / edited by Lee Naught, Lil Lefkowitz and Lior Hadar.
Brooklyn, NY : the editors, 2013
74 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Subjects (Genre)
This compilation zine includes many personal accounts about being mixed-race and queer. These experiences are presented in many forms, such as drawings, photographs, poetry, comics and written memories. This zine also includes an interview with Daniela Capistrano, founder of POC Zine Project
Mixed-race manifest / by Billie Rain
Rehearsal / by Xavi Maldonado
Forging our own identities / by Sam Alexander
String for a bow / by Chelsea Small
Mixed-rage / by Nia King
Butch Asian girl manifesto / by Sarah Nakano
self-portrain & both / by Susan Kikuchi
Disaffiliate / by Tama Boodaghians
Winter in Bedford Stuyvesant / by Acadia Marable
riot / by Angela Davis Fegan
Remembering is an act of defining ourselves / by Lior Hadar
Dislocation / by Hannah Cristina
Family portratin, 2011 / by Brannon Rockwell-Charland
Torres, Rio Grande Do Sul, December 5th / by Amal Rana
For the white girl who loved me / by Felix Rucker
Desecrating the pearl / by Mette Loulou Ayoub von Kohl
What does Mizrahi oppression look like? by Amirah Mizrahi
Freelance Negress calling all White women / by Zisa Aziza
Missionary / by Heidi Andrea Restreop Rhodes
Quiet Asian girls / by Andrea Tsurumi
I want to be real / by Jessica Mustachi
Interview with Daniela Capistrano / by Nia King
Mestizaje / by Alex Kingsepp
Split personality: tales of a biracial childhood / by Olivia Marie
Naming our histories / by Lil Lefkowitz
Amnesiac rips / by Dâesirâee Dorsainvil
What _____can take & Spilling out nerve pains / by Caro Reyes
Crushlandia / by Sabrina Ibarrola
Thanksgiving / by Nia King
In-visibility / by Tobi Hill-Meyer
Selections from Book of Mazes I / by Alejandro T. Acierto
Sexuality, race & colonialism / by Lee Naught
Funny kind of girl / by Morgan Melendres Mentz
Shapeshifters / by yecelica Jaime Valdivia (YJV)
Gift of the POC Zine Project, donated at International Zine Library Day in 2013.
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Includes bibliographical references.
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October 11, 2013
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