Exedra / edited by Kim Carlyle and Sonia Skindrud.
San Francisco, CA : The editors, [1991?]-
v. : illustrations ; 28 cm
Subjects (Genre)
Exedra is edited by two people who each make one half of the zine. Issue four includes original works and contributions about wage work, abortion, lipstick as a sexist object, anger in men and women, and an essay on Bikini Kill's ideas regarding alienation from society. The zine also contains lists of likes and dislikes, survey responses, photographs, stamp prints, poems, letters and dated entries.
Entrance but not for everybody / words & photo by Sonia
To you / words by Kim
Doing it / words by Kim
Somalia / words by Sonia
Sonia sucks dick / words by Sonia
Nothing / words by Gabi Hofstetter
The poop on peet / words by Carrie
Abortion is killing America's future / words by Sean, PoS fanzine ; stamps by Lyca
OBERC/Lakeview Apts. / words by Kim w/ letters from Larry Oberc
Why I don't... / words by Kim, mouth stamp by Lyca
Room with a view / words and pen lines by Kim
10/14/92; 10/31/92 / words and pen lines by Kim
Pigeons / words by Kim
11/27/92 / words by Kim, words by Sonia
"I'm so sorry..." / words by Kim
They are dangerous- but aren't we dangerous / concept by Sonia
Humanview / concept, compiling & intros by Sonia, words by Sam McPheeters, Miki Vuckovich, J. Susie Baker, Ian Williams, Paul Rauch, Adrienne Droogas, Tonie Joy, Kevin Kajetzke
Laconic prolixity / words, graphic & layout by Karin Gembus
Down by the sea / words, photo & doodling by Kim
OUTRO / rambling by Kim
No. 4 gift of Mimi Thi Nguyen and the POC Zine Project, donated in 2013. No. 4 gift of Cheryl Tapper, donated in 2014.
Journal/Periodical Journal/Periodical
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April 17, 2015
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