International queer art & activism zine #7 : Germany

International queer art & activism zine #7 : Germany / by Miyuki Baker.
[Philadelphia, PA]: Queer scribe productions 2013
[62] p. : illustrations ; 22 cm
Subjects (Genre)
In Issue 7 of her travel zine Miyuki documents the intersection of queerness, art, and activism in Berlin, Germany. There are profiles of artists Sarah de Castro and Henna Hoplin, a photo project centered on queer women by Goodyn Green and an essay recounting one woman's bisexuality among other writing, photographs, paintings and drawings. Some of the work that is included is written in German.
Intro / Miyuki
Sarah de Castro
Instagram photos of Berlin
Brav A magazine cover
The children of whores / Sadie Lune
Sadie / Erin Siegal McIntyre
Queer women photographing queer woman / the club
Layana / Sara SveĢ€artan Persson
Illustrations / Henna Hoplin
Mad and disabled pride mission
Queer & trans deaf & disabled vid. proj. / Sandra Alland
Kiyment / Canan Turan
Mint party, Miyeko Suzuki / Goodyn Green / Ena Lind
Goodyn Green
Berlin latkes
Bisexuality / Denise
Performance art / Fifi Bonlady
Schwule museum
Pride parade
Heterosexual lyrics / Easter Jesus
Illustrations / Eero Lampinen
Berlin's DIY culture: excerpt from the zine "DIY Berlin"
Doctor Zineatron
Dwayne / Guille Chipironet
Graham 'n Graham / CC
Photos / Claudia Kent
I know that I am poly / Kathryn Fischer aka Mad Kate
Entzaubert DIY queer film festival
Ena Lind
Queer film klub
Writings / Anja Kummel
Prinzessin Paula
Roman showers
Mein Viertel / Juli(a) Rivera
Berlin love letter / Nika
Berlin zine fest and Simo's zine
Bend over magazine / Ena LInd
The catalog / Goodyn Green
Illustrations / Zanko
Dwayne strike
Photos / Stef anie
Asswork / Dolly Demoratti
Mad Kate
Photos / Serena Salvadori
Mieko Suzuki
I'm better friends with my cunt now / Max Goran
Other nature
Queer links & thanks for reading
Downloaded from the internet via Issuu in 2013.
Title from cover and alternate titles from later items in the series.
English; German
Book Book
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February 15, 2014
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