Hoax no. 5, Feminisms and community

Hoax no. 5, Feminisms and community / edited by Rachel and Sari.
[Flemington, NJ] : the editors, 2011
65 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Hoax is a compilation zine created by Sari and Rachel that discusses feminism "in relation to different aspects of day-to-day life." Issue 5 features essays on feminism and communities. Contributors write about safer spaces, queer communities in rural areas, trans feminism, Amish community, social work, the Chainsaw Records message boards, and labor unions.
Core requirements for a "safer space" / by Rachel
What my feminist agenda looks like / by Lena Chen
Interview with Stina on queer land movements / by Kate êA
Notes from a trans*feminist / by Sari
Untitled / by Kira Swales
Mother ourselves (the manifesta!) / by Alexis Pauline Gumbs
A brief foray into "women's space" / by Jenna B. & Foster G.
An intersectional feminist library short-list / by Allison McCarthy
"Girl on girl crime" and the need for unity amongst women / by Emma Dacol
Legacy of suicide / by Sari
Crowning the May queen / by Bonnie Macallister
Little sisters / by Tracy Ostman
Radical discourses: environmental consciousness and policy / by Allison Rich
Baby steps / by Arwyn
I heart feminists: Benedita da Silva, John Stewart Mill, and Judith Butler
A short introduction to the Amish community / by Sari
Quick reflection of a soon-to-be community organizer / by Rachel
Food co-ops / by Maggie Siegle-Berele
Saved by rock and roll: from queer alienation to radicalization through musical subculture and beyond / by Haley
My feminist (r)evolutions / by Rachel
On collectives / by Kate Burch
Hoax as a collaborative effort: reflections on the co-editing process / by Sari and Rachel
Healing: a reinvestigation of sexual assault / by Sari
Unsung feminist hero: labor unions / by Rachel
This is a thank you song: reflections on the International Girl Gang Underground zine release party / by Kate Wadkins
Vegan recipe time!: potato and soyrizo burritos / by Hasan
Bo's story and Hoax #5 proceeds
SlutWalk D.C.
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