Xtra tuf no. 2 : Bigger the dot, better the fish

Xtra tuf no. 2 : Bigger the dot, better the fish / Moe Bowstern.
Portland, OR : [M. Bowstern], 1997.
[28] p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Subjects (Genre)
Life as a female commercial fisherman and the history of commercial fishing in Alaska.
In which we learn of the importance of vegetables
In which a stalwart Israeli puts forth effort to join the Alaskan fishing adventure
In which we pay homage to the winds that fill our nets and sales and whisper ever restless through our dreams
Lacking a proper education, Xtra tuf hereby undertakes to impart a valuable seaman's skill
In which we join Moe for a 15-minute interval on board the Kestrel and eavesdrop on her 18-year-old crewmates
We are afforded a glance at correspondence: Moe shares a letter detailing a journey homeward from the Bering Sea coast to the end of the Alaska Peninsula and finds the natives to be friendly
An anthropological view of the female migrant cannery worker population at Kodiak Salmon Packers, Larsen Bay, AK
We travel to Cape Uyak to visit the boat cook, who offers up the catch of the day
A tasteful selection of maritime publications
One skiff operator's constant struggle against the tempting call of the sea
In which Sam decides that seafaring life is not his after all, and returns to his native Texas to punch cows with Lucky & Bob
Xtra tuf unlocks the secrets of the knot, the fathom and the nautical mile
In which the Kestrel loses a crew member, gains a crew member, and catches 28,000 pounds of sockeye; Skiff journals June 13-July 5
Xtra tuf provides definitions and terms to aid in the comprehension of this publication
In which Moe attempts the insurmountable task of recognizing the measureless support and assistance showered on her in this humble endeavor.
"Bigger the dot, better the fishing"--Cover.
Cover title.
Includes a glossary.
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March 15, 2014
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