Proud Colors : the Zine

Proud Colors : the Zine.
New York, NY: the club, 2011-
2 v. ; 22 cm
Subjects (Genre)
Members of Proud Colors, Columbia University's queer and trans- students of color organization, contribute reflections, poems, and art to this annual compilation zine. The entries come from people who self-identify as queer and trans people of color and focus on intersecting identities, sex and sexuality, racism, and homophobia/transphobia in society and on campus. Each issue contains photographs, social media links, a table of contents, the organization's original statement of purpose, and its current mission statement.
Member profiles
Alps / Kylie White
Tell me the reality / Martha Zamora
Awkward things I write to get off / Anon
Untitled / Kylie White
Fallon / Xavier Jarrett
10 reasons / Parida Tanti
Photos / Diana Valverde
Karimah's manifesto / Karimah Rokins
I was in El Salvador / Gerardo Romo
The nine engulfing rings / Rae Johnson
Cover design / Parida Tanti
Cover art / Doug Barba
Member profiles
The year I never said her name / Kassy Lee
Wicked / Xavier Jarrett
the black queer maenad / Xavier Jarrett
A goddess reborn / Gerardo Romo
To my self-proclaimed straight Chican@ family / Gerardo Romo
Troppo / A.J. Hudson
Succubus / Rae Johnson
Striped fantasy / David Boucard
The sun's reprieve / David Luna
In packages of stone / Kyle Chetan-Lutah Sebastian
Feminist manifesto / D. Inez Ball
Verbal aestheticist / D. Inez Ball
Memorial / Kylie White
Tryna / Kylie White
Cover art / Ashley Ja'nae Gunter
Design and layout / Gerardo Romo
Member Profiles
excerpts form 13 years / Xavier Jarrett
spell work within the witches' den / Xavier Jarrett
My First One Night Stand / Anonymous
Legacies of Trauma / Gerardo Romo
Goddess Reborn / Gerardo Romo
space and time / Chris
qpoc supremacy / Chris
Nesting / Kaneisha
Boarding Series #9 / Kaneisha
when i tell a man that i am not a man / Desmond Goff
on matthew 4:4 / David Luna
To Whose Who: / Amari Tankard
For Lila... / Gabriella
We Are Closeted / Gabriella
Title from cover.
2011-2012 and 2012-2013 acquired for free at a Vagina Monologues performance at Columbia University in 2013.
2013-2104 donated by the club in 2014.
Journal/Periodical Journal/Periodical
Acquired On
May 3, 2014
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