Proud Colors : the Zine

Proud Colors : the Zine.
New York, NY: the club, 2011-
2 v. ; 22 cm
Subjects (Genre)
Members of Columbia's student group Proud Colors contribute to this annual compzine, sharing reflections, poems, and art from. The entries all come from people who self-identify as queer people of color and focus on intersecting identities, racism, and homophobia in society and on campus. Each issue contains the organization's mission statement, photographs, social media links and a table of contents.
Member profiles
Alps / Kylie White
Tell me the reality / Martha Zamora
Awkward things I write to get off / Anon
Untitled / Kylie White
Fallon / Xavier Jarrett
10 reasons / Parida Tanti
Photos / Diana Valverde
Karimah's manifesto / Karimah Rokins
I was in El Salvador / Gerardo Romo
The nine engulfing rings / Rae Johnson
Cover design / Parida Tanti
Cover art / Doug Barba
Member profiles
The year I never said her name / Kassy Lee
Wicked / Xavier Jarrett
the black queer maenad / Xavier Jarrett
A goddess reborn / Gerardo Romo
To my self-proclaimed straight Chican@ family / Gerardo Romo
Troppo / A.J. Hudson
Succubus / Rae Johnson
Striped fantasy / David Boucard
The sun's reprieve / David Luna
In packages of stone / Kyle Chetan-Lutah Sebastian
Feminist manifesto / D. Inez Ball
Verbal aestheticist / D. Inez Ball
Memorial / Kylie White
Tryna / Kylie White
Cover art / Ashley Ja'nae Gunter
Design and layout / Gerardo Romo
Member Profiles
excerpts form 13 years / Xavier Jarrett
spell work within the witches' den / Xavier Jarrett
My First One Night Stand / Anonymous
Legacies of Trauma / Gerardo Romo
Goddess Reborn / Gerardo Romo
space and time / Chris
qpoc supremacy / Chris
Nesting / Kaneisha
Boarding Series #9 / Kaneisha
when i tell a man that i am not a man / Desmond Goff
on matthew 4:4 / David Luna
To Whose Who: / Amari Tankard
For Lila... / Gabriella
We Are Closeted / Gabriella
Title from cover.
2011-2012 and 2012-2013 acquired for free at a Vagina Monologues performance at Columbia University in 2013.
2013-2104 donated by the club in 2014.
Journal/Periodical Journal/Periodical
Acquired On
May 3, 2014
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