Rethinking modernity and national identity in Turkey

Rethinking modernity and national identity in Turkey / edited by Sibel Bozdoğan and Reşat Kasaba.
Seattle : University of Washington Press, c1997.
xi, 270 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
The essays in this book are the first attempt to examine the Turkish experiment with modernity from a broad, interdisciplinary perspective, encompassing the fields of history, the social sciences, the humanities, architecture, and urban planning. The contributors offer a fresh, balanced understanding of dilemmas now facing not only Turkey but also many other parts of the Middle East and the world at large.
1. Introduction / Sibel Bozdogan and Resat Kasaba
2. Kemalist Certainties and Modern Ambiguities / Resat Kasaba
3. Whither the Project of Modernity? Turkey in the 1990s / Caglar Keyder
4. Modernization Policies and Islamist Politics in Turkey / Haldun Gulalp
5. Projects as Methodology: Some Thoughts on Modern Turkish Social Science / Serif Mardin
6. The Quest for the Islamic Self within the Context of Modernity / Nilufer Gole
7. The Project of Modernity and Women in Turkey / Yesim Arat
8. Gendering the Modern: On Missing Dimensions in the Study of Turkish Modernity / Deniz Kandiyoti
9. The Predicament of Modernism in Turkish Architectural Culture: An Overview / Sibel Bozdogan
10. Once There Was, Once There Wasn't: National Monuments and Interpersonal Exchange / Michael E. Meeker
11. Silent Interruptions: Urban Encounters with Rural Turkey / Gulsum Baydar Nalbantoglu
12. Arabesk Culture: A Case of Modernization and Popular Identity / Meral Ozbek
13. The Turkish Option in Comparative Perspective / Ernest Gellner
14. Modernizing Projects in Middle Eastern Perspective / Roger Owen
15. Finding the Meeting Ground of Fact and Fiction: Some Reflections on Turkish Modernization / Joel S. Migdal.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
0295975970 (alk. paper)
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