Shining and other paths : war and society in Peru, 1980-1995

Shining and other paths : war and society in Peru, 1980-1995 / edited by Steve J. Stern.
Durham [NC] : Duke University Press, 1998.
xiv, 534 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
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Introduction Beyond Enigma: An Agenda for Interpreting Shining Path and Peru, 1980-1995 / Steve J. Stern
Pt. I. Within and Against History: Conceptualizing Roots. 1. From Race to Class: Insurgent Intellectuals de provincia in Peru, 1910-1970 / Marisol de la Cadena. 2. On Poor Relations and the Nouveau Riche: Shining Path and the Radical Peruvian Left / Ivan Hinojosa. 3. Chronicle of a Path Foretold? Velasco's Revolution, Vanguardia Revolucionaria, and "Shining Omens" in the Indigenous Communities of Andahuaylas / Florencia E. Mallon
Pt. II. The Conquest that Failed: The War for the Center-South. 4. Harvesting Storms: Peasant Rondas and the Defeat of Sendero Luminoso in Ayacucho / Carlos Ivan Degregori. 5. Family, Culture, and "Revolution": Everyday Life with Sendero Luminoso / Ponciano del Pino H. 6. The War for the Central Sierra / Nelson Manrique. 7. Villagers at Arms: War and Counterrevolution in the Central-South Andes / Orin Starn
Pt. III. Obliterating Third Paths: The Battles of Lima and Puno. 8. Shining Path and the "Decisive Battle" in Lima's Barriadas: The Case of Villa El Salvador / Jo-Marie Burt. 9. Apogee and Crisis of a "Third Path": Mariateguismo, "People's War," and Counterinsurgency in Puno, 1987-1994 / Jose Luis Renique
Pt. IV. Women as Citizen-Subjects: Exploring the Gendered War. 10. Women in War: Impact and Responses / Isabel Coral Cordero
Pt. V. Political Rule, Political Culture: The Ironic Legacies of War. 11. Civil-Military Relations in Peru, 1980-1996: How to Control and Coopt the Military (and the consequences of doing so) / Enrique Obando. 12. Alberto Fujimori: "The Man Peru Needed?" / Patricia Oliart. 13. Sendero Luminoso and Human Rights: A Perverse Logic that Captured the Country / Carlos Basombrio Iglesias. 14. Human Rights and Social Referents: The Construction of New Sensibilities / Hortensia Munoz
Conclusion Shining and Other Paths: The Origins, Dynamics, and Legacies of War, 1980-1995 / Steve J. Stern.
Includes bibliographical references (p. [481]-510) and index.
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082232217X (paper : alk. paper)
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