Brainscan / Alex Wrekk.
Salt Lake City, Utah : the author, 1997-
Portland, Ore. 1999-
v. : ill. ; 7-22 cm.
Subjects (Genre)
Alex Wrekk, who runs Small World Buttons and wrote the iconic zine guide Stolen Sharpie Revolution, writes her cut and paste personal zine about her life in Portland, Oregon and her ultimately abusive relationship with her husband. As a member of the Portland zine community, Alex's punk roots and age progression (She was born in 1977) are key themes of the zine, as she gets older and comes into herself as an artist and a small business owner. In the second issue labeled number 31, 36-year-old Alex examines her identity as a Portlandian and a small-business owner. She considers how growing into adulthood has impacted her relationship with her parents as well as her sense of "home" after living in Portland for 13 years. The zine includes references to Marty McFly in Back to the Future.
Some issues have distinctive titles.
No. 8 subtitled "Big surprise," and cataloged separately.
No. 9 subtitled "Time for a change," and cataloged separately.
No. 11 -published in Portland, Ore.
No. 12 subtitled "Documenting the raid," and cataloged separately.
No. 14 cataloged separately.
No. 15 is comprised of two zines titled "Cigarettes as Currency" and "Suspended Like a Star."
No. 15 gift of Keight Bergmann, donated in 2012.
No. 18, first copy gift of Sweet Candy Distro, donated in 2008.
No. 18, second copy gift of A.j. Michel, donated in 2011.
No. 21 subtitled "Irreconcilable differences," and cataloged separately.
No. 22 subtitled "A practical body modification," and cataloged separately.
No. 24 issued and shelved with no. 25, cataloged separately.
No. 25 subtitled "Pre-existing conditions," and cataloged separately. It comes with an epilogue zine.
No. 25.5 is a 24 hour zine challenge zine, and cataloged separately.
No. 30 printed on a risograph.
No. 30 trade with the author in 2013.
No. 31 is a 24 hour zine challenge zine.
No. 31 trade with the author in 2012.
No. 31 (second zine with this number, different zine) purchased from the author via Etsy in 2014.
Journal/Periodical Journal/Periodical
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