Lenore Marshall papers, 1917-1979

Lenore Marshall papers, 1917-1979.
.3 linear ft. (1/2 box).
Contains correspondence, a program for the Barnard College Greek Games of 1917, a 1914 edition of the Barnard College song book, program for Class Day 1919 with a poem written by Lenore and a copy of selections from her notebooks, "Invented a Person: The Personal Record of a Life."
Biographical / Historical Note
Lenore Guinzburg graduated from Barnard in 1919. While a student, she was editor of Barnard's literary magazine and wrote the Class Day poem for her graduating class. Upon graduation she married James Marshall, a lawyer and civic activist. They had two children. She was the author of three novels, three books of poetry, and a collection of short stories. Her work appeared in such distinguished literary magazines as The New Yorker, The Saturday Review, and Partisan Review. She was on the executive board of the Post World War Council, 1943-1969, a director of the International Association of Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists and Novelists (P.E.N.) after 1965. In 1956, she co-founded, with Clarence Pickett and Norman Cousins, the National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE), the citizens organization that lobbied successfully for passage of the 1963 partial nuclear test ban treaty. Upon her death in 1971, selections from her notebooks were published under the title "Invented a Person, the Personal Record of a Life." In 1975, the New Hope Foundation established the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize, offered each year for the most outstanding book of poetry published. In 1994 the administration of the Prize was taken over by the American Academy of Poets in cooperation with the Nation magazine.
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Lenore Marshall Papers, 1917-1979, Barnard College Archives.
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