Imaginary windows

Imaginary windows / Erin Fae.
San Francisco, CA : the author [2002?]-
v. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Subjects (Genre)
This artistic zine is written by a queer, vegetarian, alternative model and women's studies major. Erin Fae writes that art is an essential part of life and juxtaposes issues with fashion, such as Alexander McQueen's collection and stories of travels and adventures. Issues include a centerfold of classic film stars, a story of a shooting range visit as well as a critical analysis of the film "Kissing Jessica Stein." Issue five is the love story of Erin and her New Zealander girlfriend Moira Clunie, author of the zine Child That Mind. She writes about Moira visiting New York, leaving her heart in New Zealand, and making the final decision to move to Auckland. Erin also includes an excerpt about the MoMA exhibit "The Artist is Present," an interview with her friend Megan about the value of such an exhibit, and a set of recipes for "fancy tempeh." In issue 6, Erin moves to New Zealand to be with Moira, but misses Brooklyn achingly. She writes about the aerial silks she is taking classes for and her gender identity.
Most copies purchased from the author the year they were published.
No. 3 subtitled, " Bohemia: living an unconventional life," 2005.
No. 5 Gift of the author, donated in 2010.
Journal/Periodical Journal/Periodical
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