Looks yellow, tastes red

Looks yellow, tastes red / Colette Ryder-Hall.
Wellfleet, MA : the author, [1995]-
v. : ill. ; 18 cm.
Subjects (Genre)
In issue eight of Looks Yellow, Tastes Red, prolific zinester and queer activist Colette Ryder-Hall comments on shoplifting, Cape Cod's punk scene, religion, sexism in the media, the monotony of high school, and bigotry. The writer also delves into her thoughts on romance and relationships. Inside the issue are hand drawn illustrations. In issue 22, Ryder-Hall discusses graduate school, growing up on Cape Cod, coming out as bisexual, horseback riding, and moving to Iowa. She also includes articles about white privilege, sex work, and penis envy, several of her personal poems, and cartoons and poetry by friends and contributors. The LYTR #22 half of this split, has customer service stories about dealing with awful people and thoughts on gender presentation. The Lion + Lamb half presents the author's feelings about moving away, exercise, biking, friends, and crushes.
Description based on: No. 14 (1997) ; title from cover.
No. 22 is a split with Lion + Lamb no. 1 1/2
No. 7 subtitled, "Kill your television," Gift of Sara Jaffe, donated in 2008.
No. 8 Gift of Kristie Miller, donated in 2014.
No. 8 gift of Cheryl Tapper, donated in 2014.
No. 13, 15, first copy of 17-19 Gift of Marissa Falco, donated in 2009 and 2010.
No. second copy of 17-19, 20-22 Gift of Keight Bergmann, donated in 2012.
No. 20, 22-23 Gift of Yumi Lee, donated in 2009.
No. 24 Gift of Celia C. Perez, donated in 2006.
No. 26 Gift of Ellen Adams, donated in 2008.
No. 13 subtitled, "Strange deaths at fast food restaurants," 1997?
No. 18 subtitled, "for libertines and troubled teens," 1999.
No. 20 subtitled, "Cowboys and saints," 2000.
No. 23 subtitled, "Before you have a chance to forget how powerful...," 2002.
No. 24 subtitled, "Impractical post-graduate degree of Bust1."
No. 25 subtitled, "Valentine issue," 2003?
No. 25.5 subtitled, "The unsexiness of waiting," 2003.
Journal/Periodical Journal/Periodical
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