Brazilian cinema

Brazilian cinema / Randal Johnson and Robert Stam, editors.
Expanded ed., Morningside ed.
New York : Columbia University Press, c1995.
491 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Pt. I. The Shape of Brazilian Film History
Pt. II. The Theory of Brazilian Cinema: The Filmmakers Speak
1. For a Popular Revolutionary Art / Carlos Estevam
2. Cinema Novo / Carlos Diegues
3. An Esthetic of Hunger / Glauber Rocha
4. Criticism and Self-Criticism / Joaquim Pedro de Andrade and Alex Viany
5. The Tricontinental Filmmaker: That Is Called the Dawn / Glauber Rocha
6. Cannibalism and Self-Cannibalism / Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
7. Everybody's Woman / Rogerio Sganzerla
8. From the Drought to the Palm Trees / Glauber Rocha
9. The Luz e Acao Manifesto / Collective
10. Toward a Common Market of Portuguese- and Spanish-Speaking Countries / Roberto Farias
11. Popular Cinema and the State: Two Views / Carlos Diegues and Rui Guerra
12. Embrafilme: Present Problems and Future Possibilities / Gustavo Dahl
13. Jack Valenti's Brazilian Agenda / Arnaldo Jabor
Pt. III. Cinema Novo and Beyond: The Films
14. The Cinema of Hunger: Nelson Pereira dos Santos's Vidas Secas / Randal Johnson and Robert Stam
15. Cinema and The Guns / Roberto Schwarz
16. Black God, White Devil: The Representation of History / Ismail Xavier
17. Land in Anguish / Robert Stam
18. Hunger for Love / Elizabeth Merena and Joao Luiz Vieira
19. Antonio das Mortes / Terry Carlson
20. Cinema Novo and Cannibalism: Macunaima / Randal Johnson
21. How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman / Richard Pena
22. Sao Bernardo: Property and the Personality / Randal Johnson and Robert Stam
23. Lesson of Love / Randal Johnson
24. Carnivalesque Celebration in Xica da Silva / Randal Johnson
25. Tent of Miracles / Marsha Kinder
26. Formal Innovation and Radical Critique in The Fall / Robert Stam
Pt. IV. Special Topics and Polemics
27. Cinema: A Trajectory within Underdevelopment / Paulo Emilio Salles Gomes
28. From High Noon to Jaws: Carnival and Parody in Brazilian Cinema / Joao Luiz Vieira
29. Vera Cruz: A Brazilian Hollywood / Maria Rita Galvao
30. Trajectory of an Oscillation / Jean-Claude Bernardet
31. Alma Brasileira: Music in the Films of Glauber Rocha / Graham Bruce
32. On the Margins: Brazilian Avant-Garde Cinema / Robert Stam
33. Seeing, Hearing, Filming: Notes on the Brazilian Documentary / Jose Carlos Avellar
34. When Women Film / Elice Munerato and Maria Helena Darcy de Oliveira
35. Hollywood Looks at Brazil: From Carmen Miranda to Moonraker / Sergio Augusto
36. The Rise and Fall of Brazilian Cinema, 1960-1990 / Randal Johnson
Pt. V. The Shape of Brazilian Cinema in the Postmodern Age / Robert Stam, Joao Luiz Vieira and Ismail Xavier.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
0231102674 (pbk. : alk. paper)
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