You might as well live

You might as well live / Lauren Jade Martin.
Annandale-on-Hudson : Boredom Sux Productions 1995-1999
v. : ill. ; 22 cm and 14 cm.
Subjects (Genre)
Queer Riot Grrrl Martin writes fiction about high school and college life. Her nonfiction pieces discuss learning about race, gender, class, and sexuality, as well as interactions with her family. There are zine reviews, project listings, recipes, and reading recommendations.
Description based on: multiple issues, begining with no. 1, published in 1995; title from cover.
Some issues have a distinctive title.
No. 5 subtitled, "Define me: am I included in your revolution?" Winter 1997.
No. 7 subtitled, "Hope," February 1998.
No. 9 subtitled, "Yellow peril inserts herself," 1999.
No. 6 Gift of Sara Jaffe, donated in 2008 and Marissa Falco in 2010.
No. 7 Gift of Yumi Lee, donated in 2006.
No. 5 Gift of the San Francisco Public Library, donated in 2006.
No. 9 Gift of Chris Dodge, Utne Reader, donated in 2013.
No. 4 Gift of Marissa Falco, donated in 2013.
No. 8 Gift of Mimi Thi Nguyen and the POC Zine Project, donated in 2013.
Journal/Periodical Journal/Periodical
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