Tazewell's favorite eccentric

Tazewell's favorite eccentric / Sarah Rose.
Tazewell, VA : the author, [1995-?]
v. : ill. ; 14 cm.
Subjects (Genre)
A queer, sexually abused, depressed working class fat woman and former dominatrix with a history of self-mutilation, Sarah Arr! (sometimes called Sarah Rose) writes about friendships, breakups, and her brother's death. Her punk rock zines include personal art and poetry in a cut and paste format. The zine, which she began publishing at fifteen, has taken several different forms, and Arr! often includes stories and poems about her sex life and lesbian/bisexual self-identification, and overcoming drug addiction. Sarah eventually tries an antidepressant and shares journal entries about her first month on the drug.
Cover title.
Publication location Philadelphia, Pa. 2010-
No. 5 subtitled "Breakup issue," cataloged separately.
No. 6 subtitled "Teen angst."
No. 7 subtitled, "Mental health, meds and me."
No. 12 split with Loco Pantaloons by Tina Armstrong.
No. 14 subtitled, "Unpoppable."
No. 15 subtitled, "Zine Tour Edition."
No. 1 gift of Miriam DesHarnais, donated in 2007.
No. 4-8, 11, 13, 16 gift or trade with the author, acquired in the year they were published.
No. 10-15 purchased from the author via Etsy in 2013.
Journal/Periodical Journal/Periodical
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