Avery Library centennial drawings archive

Avery Library centennial drawings archive, 1930-1991.
circa 350 drawings : various media
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Aida, Takefumi, 1937-
Alexander, Robert E. (Robert Evans), 1907-1992.
Allen, Stan.
Ambasz, Emilio.
Anderson, Amy Christie.
Anderson, Ross, 1951-
Andrews, John, 1933-
Ardalan, Nader.
Azuma, Takamitsu, 1933-2015.
Baker, David, 1949-
Balmori, Diana.
Barsac, Jacques.
Belluschi, Pietro, 1899-1994.
Birkerts, Gunnar.
Bloomer, Kent C., 1935-
Bofill, Ricardo.
Bollack, Françoise Astorg.
Bone, Kevin.
Botta, Mario, 1943-
Bucholtz, Jeffrey, 1957-1990.
Burillo, Luis.
Cathcart, Colin.
Chan, Lo-Yi.
Chimacoff, Alan, 1942-
Clotet, Lluís, 1941-
Deamer, Peggy.
De Blois, Natalie, 1921-2013.
Eisenman, Peter, 1932-
Evans, Wendy.
Favaro, James B.
Ferri, Roger C.
Ferrater, Carlos, 1944-
Fisher, Fred (Frederick), 1949-
Franzen, Ulrich, 1921-2012.
Freed, James Ingo.
Gilmartin, Gregory.
Goody, Joan E.
Goodman, Percival.
Graves, Michael, 1934-2015.
Haas, Richard, 1936-
Hardy, Hugh, 1932-
Hejduk, John, 1929-2000.
Herdeg, Klaus.
Holl, Steven.
Iacucci, Paola.
Ingraham, Elizabeth Wright.
Jiménez, Carlos, 1959-
Johansen, John MacLane, 1916-2012.
Johnson, R. Scott, 1951-
Kalach, Alberto.
Kiss, Gregory J.
Koenig, Pierre, 1925-2004.
Kotas, Jeremy.
Kouzmanoff, Alexander, 1915-2004.
Kwartler, Michael.
Leers, Andrea, 1942-
Levy, Toby.
Lorenzo, Jaime.
McCarter, Robert, 1955-
MacDonald, Donald, 1935-
Martínez Lapeña, José Antonio, 1941-
Mayne, Thom.
Meier, Richard, 1934-
Miller, John, 1930-
Moneo, José Rafael.
Moore, Arthur Cotton, 1935-
Moore, Charles Willard, 1925-1993.
Murphy, Brian Alfred.
Navarro Baldeweg, Juan, 1939-
Norten, Enrique, 1954-
Pei, I. M., 1917-
Pelli, Cesar.
Per de Pal, Anne.
Platt, Charles A., 1932-
Plunz, Richard.
Pokorny, Jan Hird.
Pontius, Geraldine.
Rossi, Aldo, 1931-1997.
Rudolph, Paul, 1918-1997.
Sapinsley, Patricia.
Schwartz, Frederic.
Scutt, Der.
Sekler, Eduard F. (Eduard Franz)
Shay, James.
Simon, Cathy J.
Sky, Alison.
Smith, Thomas Gordon, 1948-
Wilson, Colin St. John, 1922-2007.
Strickland, Roy.
Stubbins, Hugh, 1912-2006.
Stubbs, John H.
Tice, James.
Tigerman, Stanley, 1930-
Torre, Susana, 1944-
Torres, Elías, 1944-
Tschumi, Bernard, 1944-
Tsui, Eugene.
Turnbull, William, 1935-
Tusquets, Oscar, 1941-
Van Lengen, Karen.
Vinciarelli, Lauretta.
Weese, Harry, 1915-1998.
Wines, James, 1932-
Zabludovsky, Abraham.
Ace Architects (Oakland, Calif.)
Agrest and Gandelsonas.
Arquitectonica (Firm)
Bergersen, Gromholt og Ottar.
Buttrick, White and Burtis.
Davis, Brody & Associates.
Ellerbe Becket (Firm)
Hanrahan + Meyers Architects.
Keenen Riley.
Kolatan MacDonald Studio.
Machado and Silvetti Associates, Inc.
Polshek Partnership Architects.
R.M. Kliment & Frances Halsband Architects.
Rambusch (Firm)
Robert A.M. Stern Architects.
Venturi, Rauch, and Scott Brown.
Voorsanger & Associates Architects.
Workshop, Inc., Architecture and Planning.
More than 120 architects from the United States and abroad contributed original drawings to this collection. Most are hand-drawn; some are printed through traditional etching or lithography techniques; a few others are computer-generated prints. Images are primarily related to the architects' projects, although some drawings are travel sketches of other structures. Drawings in this archive were exhibited at the Miriam & Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery and the Arthur Ross Gallery at Columbia University, Apr. 3-May 4, 1991. At least one drawing from each contributor was published in the accompanying exhibition catalog, CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS (San Francisco: Pomegranate Artbooks, 1991).
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Avery Library centennial drawings archive. Dept. of Drawings & Archives, Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University.
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