The "Velvet Grass" bathroom reader

The "Velvet Grass" bathroom reader / by Rebecca D. Dillon.
Roanoak, VA : the author, 1998.
39 p. : ill. ; 22 cm
Subjects (Genre)
The "Velvet Grass" Bathroom Reader amasses the best articles and comics from previous "Velvet Grass" issues. There is a comic about taking her son to the ER and various other comics. Dillon, a single mother in her early twenties, also writes a humorous piece profiling men she met via Singles Line, a phone dating service and a travel diary about the difficulties of road-tripping with her sixteen month old son. There are also short stories and essays by the author and other contributors.
Keri (a work of fiction)
Product mania (unusual info on popular products via the customer service hotlines)
The day of the red panties (a comic)
Lovely boy (a work of prose)
The dating game (profiles of men using dating services)
August (a work of fiction)
My first LSD trip (personal story by guest author)
My first U.F.O. sighting (personal story by guest author)
The lizard queen (a drug induced adventure)
Travel diar y (my road trip with a sixteen month old child from Virginia to Texas with a quick stop in Mexico)
Remember when (a look back at the insanity of my childhood during the 80s)
Aroma therapy (hot therapy tips)
Acid stories overheard (acid stories by various authors)
My first and last time 'shroom hunting (personal story by a guest author)
The inevitable (a comic by guest artist)
Voodoo (a comic)
Cover title.
Gift of Chris Dodge, donated in 2006.
Gift of Keight Bergmann, donated in 2012.
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August 10, 2013
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