Don't stop (stop)

Don't stop (stop).
Amherst, MA : the author, 2000-
v. : ill. ; 13-22 cm
Subjects (Genre)
This zine is by a non-practicing Jewish lesbian who writes about going to college in America and then about being English teacher in Japan. In issue one, author Gillian writes about attending Hampshire College, her time in San Francisco, food, and understanding your genitals. She also interviews band members of The Need, lists her obsessions and references Jane magazine and Ceci Moss. Throughout issues two through four, which were published in Japan, she discusses loneliness, the difference in environmental awareness, 9/11 and how it feels to watching the Iraq and Afghanistan wars from afar. In issue two, she writes about her goldfish and their deaths. In issue three, the author's girlfriend and kittens surface. In issue four, she talks about teaching her students about American and Jewish holidays and sexism amidst the English teachers. Issues two through four are 1/8th sized. Issue five includes discussions of the ocean near Gillian's hometown of Portland, sexism in Japanese language and culture, and the author's dreams. It is bound with blue yarn, includes inserts, and has two covers, one in blue cardstock and the other in Gillian's self-made paper. Issue six chronicles the 25-year-old author's final term in Japan and her feelings about returning home. She describes what she has learned in Japan, such as the concept of "gaijin" (or "foreign person") and whether teaching English is American imperialism. She also talks about lighter topics such as her favorite foods in Japan, persimmons, and the unplanned life that she is going to return to in the States. This zine is quarter-sized. Each issue contains clip art, illustrations, and a vegetarian recipe.
Description based on: no. 1, 2, 4, and 5, published in 2000-2003; title from cover.
No. 1-6 gift of Marissa Falco, donated in 2009.
No. 1- 5 gift of Keight Bergmann donated in 2012.
Journal/Periodical Journal/Periodical
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March 29, 2013
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