The Brazilian state : debate and agenda

The Brazilian state : debate and agenda / edited by Mauricio A. Font and Laura Randall ; with the assistance of Janaina Saad.
Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2011.
xi, 422 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
"The Brazilian State Debate and Agenda examines the centralizing legacies of the Vargas Era (1930-1945) through the Lula Government. The volume opens with a discussion of Brazil's experience with statism since the Vargas Era and continues with a study of liberalizing reforms since the early 1990s, and trends since 2006"--Provided by publisher.
"The Brazilian State : Debate and Agenda is part of the Bildner Western Hemisphere Studies Series. This book is a collection of essays from the conference The Brazilian State: Paths and Prospects of Dirigisme and Liberalization held at The Graduate Center, City University of New York in November 2009. The Brazilian State explores the changing roles, relations with society, and overall impact of the contemporary Brazilian State. It probes the relationship between reform processes, institutional development, policy effectiveness, and economic impact since the 1930s. The 16 chapters by scholars from Brazil and the United States contribute to the understanding of various policy areas in an emerging and fast-growing country. Collectively, the papers probe the relationship between state reform, institutional development, policy effectiveness, and economic dynamics since the 1930s, and provide analyses of issues that will be the center of debate in the presidency of the newly-elected Dilma Rousseff"--Provided by publisher.
The Brazilian state since Vargas / Joao Paulo M. Peixoto
State developmentalism : continuity and uncertainty / Renato Boschi
New directions in public policy and state-society relations / Glauco Arbix and Scott B. Martin
Crisis and beyond : responses and prospects / Eiiti Sato
Bureaucrats, parties, and interest groups / Braga Martes
Political reform : a never ending story / David Fleischer
Civil society discourses and practices in Porto Alegre / J. Ricardo Tranjan
Pension reform in Brazil : addressing a social pact / Jose Roberto Savoia
Feminism, the state, and gender equality / Lia Zanotta Machado
Nation-state consolidation and cultural patrimony / John F. Collins
The financial services industry / Fernando Sotelino
Regulations and compliance : anti-money laundering / Monica Arruda de Almeida
Financialization, crisis, and a new mania in Brazil / Elaine da Silveira Leite
Brazil and the transatlantic community / Thomas J. Trebat
Regional integration : political uses of energy policy / Christine Gustafson and Leslie Elliott Armijo.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
9780739167311 (hardback)
0739167316 (hardback)
9780739168899 (electronic)
0739168894 (electronic)
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