Deafula / Kerri Radley.
Philadelphia, Pa. : the author, [2011-
v. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Issues Published
Began in 2011?
Subjects (Genre)
Now in her late 20s, Kerri has been dealing with an increasing hearing loss since early childhood. In the first installment, she describes her isolation from both hearing and deaf culture, her particular placement on the deaf ''spectrum,'' and how one should best interact with and include deaf people in conversation. The second issue discusses the lack of medical insurance coverage for those dealing with hearing disabilities and their resulting financial hardships. In the third issue, Kerri explores how deafness contributes to her identity and yet also reduces others' ability to perceive her apart from this disability. She attempts to provide a more holistic representation of the deaf experience to readers, outlining the "top 5 things you didn't realize are super annoying for peeps with hearing loss" and the "top 5 things you are missing out on by hearing." Some issues have screen printed covers. In Issue 5, Kerri interviews her mother about raising a deaf child during a time where little to no medical information or assistance was given to her. They discuss Kerri's diagnosis, mainstreaming in school and the choice to go with hearing aids over implants. In Issue 6, Kerri shares about planning her first tour with three other zinesters, traveling to northeastern and midwestern states, and reading in front of crowds of varying sizes. Kerri discusses her experience presenting on a panel at the Chicago Zine Fest and includes a post-tour reflection on what it was like to be a deaf person traveling with all hearing people.
No. 1-3 gift of the author, donated at the Brooklyn Zine Fest in 2012
No. 4 purchased from Stranger Danger zine distro in 2012.
No. 5 purchased from the author at the Brooklyn Zine Fest in 2013.
No. 6-7 gift from the author at the Brooklyn Zine Fest in 2014.
No. 8 trade with the author at the Brooklyn Zine Fest in 2015.
No. 2 subtitled "the insurance issue."
No. 5 subtitled "Interview with my mother."
No. 6 subtitled "Tour stories."
No. 8 subtitled "the relationshisp issue."
Journal/Periodical Journal/Periodical
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April 28, 2012
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