Slave to the needles, #1

Slave to the needles, #1 / Aimee Hagerty.
Seattle, WA : the editor, 2003.
41 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Subjects (Genre)
Seattle-based Slave to the Needles is about knitting and feminism. Issue 1 includes comics explaining basic knitting techniques and patterns for legwarmers, mittens, and thongs. There are interviews with women who make things like crotched BDSM gear and vibrator cozies, and indie band members who knit, along with reviews of knitting books, thoughts on knitting as a feminist act, and a comic about finding Mary Thomas's Book of Knitting Patterns comic finding in second hand store.
Hand-stitched unmentionables : vibrator cozies, bondage, & more!
Reviews of knittig books : there are suddenly a bazillion knitting books available
K is for knitting : knitting-themed books for kids
On knitting and feminism / by Amy Singer
Indie rock knitting : Rainer Maria, Rosie Thomas, and others who give knitting cred
Lists : records to knit by, people who came to brunch on Sunday and what they brought, badass knitting nicknames, seven good places to knit in Seattle, my favorite zines, and other miscellany
"I don't knit, but my _____ does' : testimonies from non-knitters
How to cast on : illustrated directions for getting this party started
Make a thong! : not my thing, but some women and men swear by them
A cozy for yr birth control pills : and it has a zipper!
Learn to knit : a whole world will soon be open to you
Mittens : for kittens like you
Bachelor tea cozy : / by Lola Rogers. Before the cell phone cozy, the vibrator cozy, and the birth control pill case cozy, there was the tea cozy!
How to make a tassel : for hats, scarves, & the graduate caps of kindergartners
Flared legwarmers : to fit over your punk-ass boots
Out of control
Sticky fingers / by Marie Penny
Sequitur / by Gloria in Prague
Knitting lessons : a pedagogical comic
When you know, you know
Cover title.
Gift of Marie Penny, donated in 2012.
Gift of Keight Bergmann, donated in 2012.
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August 9, 2013
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